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Enhancing Your Home with Crownhill Conservatories

If you’re looking to connect with nature, do a spot of bird watching and light up your home with natural light, a conservatory could be your cup of tea. Conservatories are becoming increasingly popular in everyday homes. We create stylish conservatories in Devon, so let’s take a look at what conservatories we have to offer to fit in perfectly with your homely space.

Showcasing Crownhill Conservatories’ Styles

We offer a range of different conservatory styles. Each has unique design options allowing you to easily integrate a part of your garden into your home while also sticking with your current home decor style.

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Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories provide a versatile space that can be used for various purposes, such as a home office, playroom, dining room, or relaxed living space. This type of conservatory is square or rectangular, defined by its ​​clean lines and sleek design, distinguishing them from the rounded Victorian conservatories.

Victorian Conservatories

This style of conservatory is reminiscent of the original ornate glass structures that were introduced in Britain during the late 1800s. Our Victorian conservatories are rounded in shape with a high roof. They are particularly suited to older homes because of their rounded front, which gives them the appearance of an extended bay window.

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Lean-to Conservatories

Also known as sunrooms, garden rooms or Mediterranean conservatories, this conservatory style is ideal for a modern home. Lean-to conservatories are particularly well-suited to homes with limited space, such as bungalows or houses with restricted areas for construction. The conservatories help trap heat within your home, making for a more energy-efficient building.

Double Hipped Conservatories

Initially designed for bungalows or properties with height restrictions, double hipped conservatories have become increasingly popular for all house types. Unlike other conservatory styles that have a flat face connecting to the house wall, double hipped conservatories feature a pitched roof on both sides. This design allows for increased headroom and a more spacious feel within the conservatory.

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Conservatory Roof Options

We offer two roof options made of high-quality materials that last for years. You can come to our showrooms at Crownhill Conservatories in Devon to take a first-hand look before you make any decision. Here is a brief breakdown of each roof type.

Glass Roof

The glass roof is the epitome of high-performance glazing for conservatories. It features a visually appealing blue tint that enhances the colours of your garden while maintaining a bright and inviting interior.

With excellent heat reflection, it keeps the room cool and comfortable even in south-facing and exposed locations. The glass roof provides effective UV protection, safeguarding your furniture and fabrics from harmful rays.

Additionally, its Easy Clean coating minimises the need for manual cleaning, allowing water to wash away dirt and grime effortlessly. While softening the impact of natural light, the glass roof maintains optimal visible light transmission.

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Guardian Warm Roof

The Guardian Warm Roof is designed to create a comfortable living environment in your conservatory throughout the year. It’s great for those cold winter mornings as well as the scorching summer days. Its advanced technology allows it to regulate temperature effectively, keeping the interior warm in cold weather and cool during the warmer months.

The roof combines ventilation systems and insulation materials, ensuring a consistently pleasant temperature inside your conservatory. It also minimises condensation with the cleverly fitted ventilated ring beam, waterproof plyboard, and breathable waterproof membrane.

High-performance insulation is applied under timber battens, and aluminium tape ensures an airtight seal. The Guardian warm roof offers not only superior thermal performance but also options to customise it to your specific taste.

You can choose from various window styles, coloured tiles, and accessories like blinds and security locks. The range of customisation options available allows you to match the roof to your home’s exterior and achieve the desired aesthetic, whether traditional, chic or modern.

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Embracing Nature: Connecting Indoors & Outdoors

A conservatory offers more than just an additional living space; it provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature and embrace the beauty of the outdoors. The presence of a garden view in a conservatory brings a sense of tranquillity and serenity, allowing you to enjoy the changing seasons, vibrant colours, and the soothing sounds of nature right from the comfort of your home.

At Crownhill Conservatories, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces. Our designs feature large double doors that enhance the visual appeal of the conservatory but also create a seamless transition between the interior and the garden. These doors serve as gateways that invite natural light to flood the conservatory while providing easy access to the outdoor area. Whether you choose to step outside for a breath of fresh air, host gatherings with friends, or simply enjoy the view, our designs prioritise the connection between indoors and outdoors.

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