Benefits of Quality Lean-to Conservatories Plymouth


Lean-to Conservatories are an extremely popular style of conservatory in the UK, due to their versatility and benefits.

Unlike their counterparts, e.g. Edwardian Conservatories, Victorian Conservatories or Double-hipped Conservatories, quality Lean-to Conservatories do not require a large amount of square footage.  Therefore, if you do not have a lot of land to play with, they are ideal for extending the living space of your property, even in small, awkward spaces.  Despite this, it is surprising, the difference a Lean-to can make to your floorplan.

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Do I Need Planning Permission?

In the majority of cases, planning permission is not required for a Lean-to Conservatory.  This style of conservatory is a common choice for all styles of property, whether modern or traditional, and tends to fall within the limitations of business regulations.  Also known as mediterranean rooms or sun rooms, you often find Lean-tos fitted to bungalows, as the apex of these conservatory roofs are not as high of a gradient as other styles, and fit underneath the eaves of these single-storey buildings.  The sloped roof starts at the wall of the building, and graduates downwards at a fairly shallow angle.  If for some reason, your conservatory company think that planning permission may be necessary, they should be able to advise you of next steps.

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Some Advantages of Quality Lean-to Conservatories

When you add a quality lean-to conservatory to your home, you are also adding value to your property.  Lean-tos are at the lower end of the price bracket to purchase, and have installed.  However, they can be customised by using different roof options, making them aesthetically pleasing, in addition to giving you added floorspace to relax or eat in.  This will in turn, increase the property’s worth, making them a good investment.

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Insulating Your Conservatory

Quality Lean-to conservatories will benefit from conservatory blinds to help insulate the area, and adequate heating to help avoid condensation and damp, which can be an issue in older conservatories. 

In this day and age of technology, roof options are much more advanced, and help regulate the temperatures within the structure – thus avoiding the unwelcome black mould and wet window cills.  At Crownhill Conservatories in Plymouth, we are approved installers of Guardian Warm Roof, and also install performance glass roofs.

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Conservatory Roof Options

Guardian Warm Roof Option

The Guardian Warm Roof is constructed of many layers – designed to keep your conservatory warm during the winter, and cool during the hot summer months.  It combines a stylish design with innovative technology, making it a fantastic and energy-efficient choice for your Lean-to. 

The weatherproof materials used within the Guardian Warm Roof are waterproof and breathable, each allowing sufficient ventilation without letting in any draughts.  This thermal technology can be designed bespoke to suit your requirements, with the addition of a solstice skylight or roof windows.  These can be personalised with blinds and remote control systems.  Locks can be added for security purposes.  The tiles or slates for these roofs are available in several choices of colours and textures.

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Performance Glass Roof Option

For those who prefer glass roof, we offer performance glass roofs, which are a great option for south- facing conservatories.  This glass has a slight blue tint, which serves to enhance the view of your surroundings, whilst also softening the impact of natural light when the sun is at its strongest.

Our glass roofs incorporate an easy-clean coating, which allows you to enjoy your quality Lean-to conservatory, without the need for constant cleaning.

The performance glass roof reflects solar energy, three times more than standard glass roofs, and also reduces UV rays – thus helping to prevent fading of your conservatory furniture or soft furnishings.

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Contact Us

If you are considering the purchase of a Lean-to conservatory for your property, why not visit Crownhill Conservatories at our showsite, within the grounds of Plymouth Garden Centre in Crownhill?  You can view some examples of our conservatories in-situ, and see the different styles of roof options.  Our friendly staff will be happy to show you around, discuss your requirements and arrange for a quotation.

We also design and install Edwardian Conservatories, Victorian Conservatories and Double-hipped Conservatories in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

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