Make Your Conservatory Warmer in the Winter

With our many years of experience of experience fitting Plymouth conservatories, we are often asked for our advice on a very important subject; how to make your Conservatory Warmer in the Winter.

Sadly, leaves aren’t the only thing that drops in the Autumn, but with our help you could be enjoying birdsong at breakfast or a romantic sunset in your conservatory. As you can imagine, your conservatory is a feature of your property that you could not do without, but what about when the temperature plummets?

We have compiled an informative and helpful list of tips, all aimed at helping you make your Conservatory Warmer in the Winter. Please read on to make the most out of your conservatory, worry not it does not have to be costly!

Tip 1. Fix Those Conservatory Faults

Depending on the age of your conservatory, one of the most important ways to keep it warm is by fixing any faults that have occurred.  Items such as broken window seals, frames, and woodwork damage can all have a detrimental effect on the warmth of your conservatory.

We offer a repair and maintenance services for conservatories, contact us today for a no obligation quote on a new and stunning conservatory in Plymouth.

Tip 2. Diminish Those Draughts!

Another easily addressed problem with keeping conservatories warm is draughts. Firstly, ensure that your doors and windows are airtight and draft-proof and that no cold air is getting through from the outside. Hot air gravitates towards the colder areas of your conservatory, so if you have draughts present, you could be losing money on heating through draughts!

Tip 3. The Guardian Warm Roof – All-year-round protection from the elements.

Whilst keeping warm in winter is paramount for those wanting to utilise their conservatory in all weathers; so is keeping cool in the summer. A huge amount of conservatory temperature woes stem from the roof, so ensuring you invest in the best conservatory roof solution should be a priority. So, with that in mind, introducing the innovative and stylish Guardian Warm Roof.

This market-leading roof system can really transform your conservatory into a year-round living space. Available for both new builds and as a replacement for your current conservatory, and is a lightweight, sold, and economical alternative to the more traditional roofing types.

Our installers are fully certified to fit and install these, which are called the next generation of roofs, making all the difference to the time you spend in your conservatory.

Tip 4. Window Dressings

Make Your Conservatory Warmer in Winter: Image of some lightweight beige linen curtains with sunbeams shining through.

Drapes such as curtains and blinds are not only designed for privacy and aesthetics, but they can also help with controlling the temperature. Thick and heavy blinds can negate heat transfer in conservatories. Get the best out of your blinds by ensuring that they are opened in the daytime to allow any sunlight in , and close them in the evening to trap hot air and prevent it from escaping.

Tip 5. Choose the Right Flooring

Our feet are often the first indicators of cold temperatures, so considering the right flooring for your conservatory can help keep it warm in the winter. Two of the most popular are:-

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring in conservatories has always been a popular choice, not only is this type of flooring cost-effective and easy to fit, but it is suitable for underfloor heating should you have it. Often, conservatories can have numerous doorways, laminate flooring can be much more manageable in comparison to carpets for this. You can also add rugs to make it even warmer, cosier, and of course, more attractive.


Carpet can help the wrath level in conservatories by holding heat, there are also great options for underlay to further insulate by heat absorbance. There are some other interesting things to consider with carpets such as, light coloured carpets absorb less heat, and of course thinner carpets keep cooler than thicker ones.

Find Out More!

With so many factors that can hamper your conservatory staying warm in the winter, it’s important to consider the most cost-effective solution for you.

if you are in the initial stages of seeking a conservatory and want it to be perfect to use all through the year, give us a call or drop us a message by visiting our contact page. If you’d like to get a quote from us to build a conservatory or carry out repairs on your existing conservatory, please get in touch with us! You can call us on 01752 786015 or fill in our contact form with details of your enquiry. Don’t forget, you can also connect with us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news and see images of our recent projects!

Making sure that you are receiving a conservatory built with high craftsmanship, high quality materials such the Guardian Warm Roof system, will save on costly fuel bills, not to mention the long-term savings.

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