Choosing the Right Window Colour For Your Home 

If the time has come to replace your double glazing or you need to decide on windows to add to a conservatory or extension, you’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about the configuration and style of the window, but less time considering the window colour! Whilst you may be tempted to simply plump for standard white frames, coloured frames are a great way to add some personality and a touch of uniqueness to your property.

With so many options available, we understand that it can be a difficult job to pick the perfect hue to complement your exterior paint, existing frames and the style of the house. It’s not as easy as simply picking a colour that you like, you have to consider a few things before picking.

With new trends being seen every 5-10 years, it can be tricky to pick between having a colour which is contemporary and stylish or to go with something more traditional and eyecatching. With homeowners wanting to make a statement and stand out from the other houses in their street, coloured windows such as red, blue and green are starting to be seen more often. We’re also seeing more black, charcoal and anthracite-coloured frames in recent years, with many homeowners favouring a modern and minimalist look.

Here are some important elements to consider before settling on your new window colour:

Window Colours: Image of a white house with a green window and door.

The Colour of Your House

If you had the same colour window frames on a red brick building and a stone white building, the overall look would be very different, as the window colour would have an analogous look on the white building (blending in with the render) and a stand-out eye-catching effect on the brick building. Try and keep your colours complementary to the colour of the house, you want the building and the frame colours to work together and bring out the best of the shades.

For example, you may be thinking that cream would be a classic way to brighten up your home from the outside, but if that was paired with a white coloured building, the contrasting shades would be very obvious and make the windows look dirty and aged. However, a muted sage green colour would look beautiful paired with a white building, lending it a period yet contemporary feel. 

Window Colours: Image of a street of Victorian terraced houses at sunset.

The Architectural Style

If you have a house from the Victorian or Georgian era, you may want to make the best of the traditional features. To keep the traditional and classic feel of the building then sticking with the conventional colours originally paired with them will achieve that. If you wanted to bring a modern feel to the building then a more contemporary colour such as charcoal will add that without completely changing the overall look of the historic building.

Window Colours: Image of a grey stone cottage with a red window and shutters.

Kerb Appeal

Presenting your house in a certain way could be the make or break when trying to sell it. The more ‘attractive’ a building looks, the higher the kerb appeal. If you live in a street of homes which are built to the same design, then you may be wanting to stand out from the crowd and have some uniqueness to your home. Consider the different ways that you could potentially change your windows whilst keeping up the kerb appeal. Look at what the other homes in the street have, and how the subtle change could make yours unique in the right way.

Window Colours: Image of a modern home with a large sloped window.

Interior Matters!

When choosing the colour of your window frames you also have to think about the interior as well as the exterior. Whatever colour you have installed, you have to think about will it clash with your interior styling. If you wanted to enhance the outside with contemporary bold coloured windows, assess how the shade will complement the inside of your home.

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